Michael Hanslip Coaching

If you want to go faster, you have to pedal harder

Welcome to my coaching pages

An Experienced Cyclist

I started racing when I was 14 years old and I have been at it almost constantly since. Road races, time trials, hill climbs and stage races; even the odd triathlon. Track racing: scratch and handicap races, Madison, individual and team pursuit, point score and elimination - sometimes I'll sprint for fun (but rarely for victory). Cross-country, cross-country short-track, cross-country marathon, 24-hour team, enduro and downhill. I'm particularly fond of enduro at the moment. Incredibly tiring, but smile-inducing, days on the bike riding as fast as I can over challenging terrain with a bunch of like-minded cyclists. I'm national-level masters champion on the road, the track and as high as 2nd place on the dirt.

With a PhD and a job in research, I bring a scientific approach to the training of every client

An Experienced Coach

While I have received coaching at several points in my racing, I most often self-coached for my training program. My first client was a professional. To further develop my abilities and capitalise on the momentum created from coaching a pro, I got my NCAS level 2 accreditation from Cycling Australia. Once MTBA started their own coaching program, I got the level 1 from them. In the past 15 years I have had clients ranging from total never-raced-before novices up to people pushing for national wins. The youngest was mid-teens, the oldest mid-60s. I have even had several clients who never raced and several who lived overseas and were coached via email.

I love helping people to get more out of their bike time

An Experienced Skills Teacher

As early as high school, I was attracted to learning how to teach. I did the fitness leadership component in Year 12 phys ed class and I've been working with people in weight training ever since. Ten years ago I was trying to put all my pedagogical thoughts together in a document to make my approach consistent from client to client and across different types of bikes when I decided to take the PMBI level 1 teachers course. They had done all the hard work I couldn't pull together and presented me with a teaching method that took all I'd been trying to do in behind my classes in a method that every PMBI teacher does. Over the years I've worked with hundreds of women, in particular, on road skills in a low-stress, high-fun environment that finds everyone being a better rider after. On the dirt side of things, I've had clients as young as 8 and as old as 68 - and they all rode away the better for their time with me.