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OneUp Thick Grips

I purchased a set of OneUp Thick grips roughly the week they were released in Australia. I put them on the Ripley and they felt a bit odd. I decided that I must have gotten Left and Right mixed up, so I swapped them around. Then I found in a photo online that they are marked for handedness! I totally missed that in real life. On checking, they were the wrong way around on my bike. So I swapped them back. Third time's a charm, and with a bit of rotational tweaking, they felt right this time.

I've now ridden them four months properly oriented so it is time to comment on them here.

Size is great. Grippiness is also great. The various shapes seem appropriate to holding on too. There is a pad of thicker rubber under the palm, and this is where it falls down for me. It is just too firm and it hurts my hands. I just can't come to terms with them regardless of how I rotate them or which gloves I wear.
Previously I had Deity Supracush grips on there for a couple of years. They might have been slightly too soft for ultimate control, but they sure were comfortable. What I'm looking for now is something with the comfort of the Deity and the control of the OneUp.

I managed to tag a tree with the end of one grip a few weeks ago - I sometimes forget that I have 82 cm bars on the Ripley and this can be sub-optimal in tight forests. It shows that they are quite tough as there is a mark, but it could have destroyed the grip. I did a small involuntary separation of bike and rider, but remained on my feet. Mostly it made me laugh.

So I'd highly recommend the OneUp grip for big-handed riders looking for a grippy grip, but not if you are after higher than average comfort from your grip.