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February 2023

A bad period for riding

Some days you have to accept that riding is just not going to happen.

I haven't had an entry in the blog for a while because i've been out of action. After work on Thursday the 12th of January, I never quite made it to an after-work social ride. Instead, while riding down the grassy verge beside Eucumbene Drive, I crashed.
Hard enough that I lost around 2 hours of the day - yet my helmet never touched the ground. I must have gone down instantly onto my left shoulder, breaking my collarbone and shaking my head hard enough to cause serious mental confusion.
The trauma team at Canberra Hospital were concerned enough to do a full upper body scan and keep me around for 24 hours. The surgical team talked about putting a plate in my collarbone, but 6 weeks later I am mostly healed and there was no surgery.

I wish I knew why I crashed. But I will never know. The period between rolling out of my driveway and being in the hospital is completely gone from my recollection. No waiting for the ambulance. No ambulance ride. No firies carrying me to the ambulance. Nothing.

Then there were 2 weeks scheduled off the bike when I went to visit my sister. I brought a nasty case of Covid-19 back with me - timing suggests it was most likely on the 15 hour plane ride I caught that. As I type this I am recovered, but that took a whole week and I'm still feeling quite delicate. Seems every person's Covid experience is unique. Mine was bad and a week long.

There is a SuperFlow on this weekend. I've attended pretty much every Superflow at Stromlo that has been offered. Not this one!
I am hoping to get back on a bike really soon - even for a gentle pedal.